Single object still-life drawing in pencil.

Single object still-life drawing in pencil.

"Leigh did an amazing job working with our daughter on her High School portfolio. She is very familiar with what each school is looking for in their portfolio reviews and offered great advice and guidance. From the first class, she was organized and efficient at working toward meeting the portfolio requirements of the schools we were looking at. She was able to push our daughter to think a little differently and help her develop some of her sketches into beautiful finished pieces that ultimately got her an acceptance to the High School of Art and Design. We couldn't recommend her more! On top of her skill and knowledge, it was obvious that she really cared and wanted to see our daughter get into her first choice school, which she did! Thanks again, Leigh!"

"I enrolled my daughter at The Art Room to prepare a portfolio for admission to Fine Arts high school programs. Over the course of about 6 months in private lessons, Leigh helped my daughter select her best pieces and motivated her to reach beyond her artistic comfort zone to create new ones. Leigh was warm and encouraging, and my daughter felt capable and confident after her sessions. And even though she got into a well-recognized Fine Arts program, she still wants to continue her work at The Art Room."


High School
Portfolio and Audition Prep

Looking for a place where your young artist can create a fine art portfolio for a specialized High School? Look no further than The Art Room! We specialize in helping children put their best work forward so they are relaxed, confident, and prepared for their audition! 

Private Lessons are offered for portfolio students entering high school. The Art Room will work closely with your young artist to set them apart from the rest and make sure they are fully prepared with a high-quality portfolio presentation and the essential tools they need to soar through their fine art audition!

Each High School Portfolio/Audition Prep class at The Art Room is 90 minutes during which we focus one-on-one with your young artist on their current artwork and on developing works that represent their talent. A list of goals will be provided, as well as each school's requirements so all bases are covered effectively.  


90-minute Private Lesson - $75 (includes all art materials)

6-Lesson Package - $450

Portfolio Presentation Folder or Bag - $40

Matting and Labeling Service - $115
All artwork is required by the High School to be professionally matted. Matting will be done at The Art Room studio. The fee for matting is required at the beginning of your child's Private Lessons.

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Middle School Audition Prep

Give your child the advantage of knowing what is involved in preparing for a Middle School audition! Every year, we offer a 10-week Intensive Group Class Program from October-December before Middle School auditions take place. Students will end the program feeling prepared and energized before they take the test!

Fifth grade is such a pivotal time, not only academically, but also visually! The Art Room's Middle School Audition Prep Program focuses on fine tuning each child's drawing abilities within the guidelines and requirements of the audition.

Timed, intensive exercises cover:

  • Still-life drawing in pencil

  • Drawing a piece from imagination based on a topic including figures

  • Comparing and contrasting two pieces of art using descriptive vocabulary


60-minute Private Lesson - $50

10-week Intensive Group Class Program - $360 (October-December)
Includes all materials, including a vocabulary book and sketchbook.
Our 2019 program starts Wednesday, October 10th, and we meet at the Studio from 6-7 pm.

While we cannot guarantee your child will be accepted after their audition, we CAN guarantee they will be fully prepared, feeling eager, confident and ready!

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