“My son George loves going to class at The Art Room, talks about it endlessly, and is so proud of his artwork around the house. I think it has been an unusually nurturing and encouraging experience for him and is giving him an early appreciation for all kinds of fine arts.”
“The Art Room has provided my daughter Julia with a challenging and personal curriculum of art study and appreciation. the art room fills a void in our community.”
“The Art Room enables students to pursue the depths of their creative abilities through a much broader range of activities than that found in the school setting. The small ratio allows for the individualized attention little ones need to carry out complex projects while avoiding cookie cutter outcomes.”
“Sam is a child who has had a hard time with separation. He now looks forward to art class. He feels comfortable with Miss Leigh and is proud of the things he creates. I believe he is in a nurturing atmosphere and one that builds confidence. We are very happy!”
“This place is amazing and so is the owner Miss Leigh and all the teachers. My daughter runs to her art class every week. She loves The Art Room so much that she chose it for her 8th birthday celebration. The party was a blast, everyone had a great time and created a beautiful Halloween project. Highly recommend for art classes and birthday parties!”
“My son Matthew really takes pride in the works of art he creates at The Art Room. It has truly helped to build his self-esteem and sensory awareness. It has really opened our eyes to his potential. Both my husband and I could not be happier with signing Matthew up at The Art Room.”
“The curriculum at The Art Room is thoughtful and age appropriate. Each week I have been amazed at the resourcefulness of the teachers! My house is filled with projects on display! My son has continued in his exuberance for painting and writing and ‘projects,’ and I believe it’s largely because he has gotten such tremendous encouragement and support from The Art Room. I’ve recommended it to a number of friends, and have only praise for it.”
Art is so very important to the growth of young minds!

Art is so very important to the growth of young minds!